Nutrition Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed by what you ‘should’ (or ‘shouldn’t’) be eating?

With a focus on food choices and nutrition, in this single session we will unpack the confusion and misinformation that is currently blocking you from taking ownership of your personal health and diet. 


Who this session is for

This session is ideal for people with a basic knowledge of nutrition but would like professional guidance in order to:

Put theory into practice. You want to have the confidence and clarity to make food choices that fit your chosen lifestyle and enhance your general health.

Create a priority list. You need greater clarity on where to focus your efforts. Together we will define the areas that are most important to you so that you can put immediate attention to what really matters.

Debunk and demystify conflicting advice. You would like to move through a place of 'information overload' so you can extract and implement what's best for you and your individual needs.


This is a 60 minute session conducted in person or via video call.

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I'm so pleased you've decided to take your nutrition to the next level. Fill in your contact details through the button below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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