Ready to feel happy, sexy and effortlessly 'you'?

Harness the power of food, fashion and mindfulness to glow from the inside out.

In this transformational workshop you will learn simple, everyday practices that will allow you to fully show up in your life, work and relationships as the best, most authentic, sexiest you.


When we approach life from the inside out, magical things happen.

Many of us face our days with a checklist of tasks and responsibilities, whether this is work, appointments or family commitments. It can easily send us into 'achievement mode'. We are rushing to get things done, without ever truly taking the time and space to give ourselves the love and attention we need (and so deserve).

At some point it's common to be faced with the following burning questions... How can I properly nourish my body? How can I feel sexy and beautiful? What is missing in my life? Why am I constantly stressed out? Why does everything feel like a chore? How can I find happiness?

These are questions that can follow us around for many, many years. It's time to break the cycle.

In this workshop, Health & Wellness Coach Heidi Hauer joins forces with Michelle de Matheu, Life Coach & Fashion Stylist to show you how to turn off autopilot and make simple, everyday choices that will move you deeper into alignment with what you truly need and desire - in your mind, body and soul.

Here's what we cover

In this diverse but intimate event, we will look at how you can harness the power of food, fashion and mindfulness to create a life that not only makes you look and feel fantastic, but also allows you to make impactful choices in an authentic, effortless way.

You will learn how to:

  • Enjoy and choose food that makes you feel empowered, nourished and beautiful.

  • Recognise and release eating habits that aren't supporting your true desires. 

  • Make self-care your number one beauty and stress-busting secret.

  • Love and use fashion in a way that illuminates your inner light and compliments your lifestyle.

  • See style as a tool for manifesting the feelings about yourself and the life you are craving.

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices that will promote happiness, health and clarity


Heidi Hauer – Life & Wellness coach

Heidi is passionate about helping people bring more balance and integrity into their everyday lives through their food and lifestyle choices.

Heidi believes that the relationship we have with food directly reflects the relationship with have with ourselves. When we bring mindfulness to our diets, we build a long-lasting foundation that supports the growth of our happiest, healthiest most powerful self.

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Michelle de Matheu– Life Coach & Fashion Stylist

Michelle has unique take on personal development that blends creativity, consciousness and self-expression through the tools of style and spirituality.

Michelle believes that every choice has the power to move us deeper into alignment with who we really are – from what we wear and how we think to the jobs, relationships and environments we choose to be within. This alignment enables us to shine our brightest light and take intuitive steps towards bringing our dream life into reality.

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