My top reads for discovering what health and happiness feels like to you

Across my own health journey I have read and implemented many different theories and approaches – some more successfully than others.


On this page you'll find the guides, books and recipe collections that have truly stood out and helped me take ownership of my personal health and lifestyle.


Eat for Beauty

Susan Curtis

Eat for Beauty is a great practical guide for anyone is who would like to take a natural food-based approach to addressing a wide range of health and beauty topics from clear skin and shiny hair to sun damage, cellulite and weight management.

Beauty foods

Caroline Artiss

Packed full of recipes that will see you through the day, from your morning caffeine fix to your late night snack cravings, Caroline shows you how diet and ingredient choices can help you eat clean for both body and mind. This makes a wonderful accompaniment to Eat for Beauty above. 

Food Pharmacy

Lina Aurell and Mia Clase

Here you'll find an engaging guide that deals with the less 'sexy' but crucial aspects of health and diet. Through practical advice, tips and some supplementary recipes readers learn about how food and good bacteria can promote healthy guts, reduce inflammation and heal chronic diseases through regulating our immune system.

The First Mess Cookbook

Laura Wright

Growing to award-winning popularity through her blog The First Mess, Laura shares simple-to-prepare vegan recipes that are perfectly aligned to the seasons. If you're looking for delicious plant-based meals that truly are accessible to the average home cook then this one's for you.

The Diet for Food Lovers

Jennifer Irvine

This cook book is for people who adore food but hate dieting. If you want to bring a gourmet touch to your weight loss recipes while also learning more about nutrition, meal planning and substituting ingredients then I would highly recommend adding this recourse to your kitchen.

The De-stress Diet

Charlotte Watts

This is a fascinating read and guide about the relationship between stress, food and weight. Designed as a lifestyle planner, readers are led through a 6-week program to a less stressed, calmer and slimmer self.