Life Upgrade - 6 Month Program

For those who want to build a conscious and sustainable relationship with their health and wellbeing.

While the reaching of specific health and physical goals is a foundation in any of my coaching services, this series allows us to take a deeper look into the emotional and wider lifestyle factors that are impacting your health & happiness.


Who is this program for?

The Life Upgrade program is ideal for people who are done with following the 'next best diet' and not achieving lasting results. They want to see their body transform in the way they've always dreamed of, but without all the sacrifices, without undermining their long-term health and all while learning how to create and sustain a conscious healthy lifestyle.

You are ready and excited to:

  • Make health a top priority and see significant, measurable changes appear in your body, skin and energy levels.
  • Learn about nutrition and how you can harness the power of food to successfully reach your goals.
  • Say goodbye to draining or unconscious habits that make you feel like your health and wellness is out of your control.
  • Show up as your best, most energised self in all aspects of your life and work.
  • Develop a positive and life-changing relationship with your body, food and wellbeing.

What we'll work on

During this program we will take a patient but focussed approach to implementing my health philosophy. We will also pay special attention to the following areas:

Goal setting. We will develop a clear picture of your dream outcomes in regards to your health, fitness and wellbeing, and set inspiring but achievable goals to reach within this program.

Assessing your health history and current needs. We will take a close look at your food and lifestyle habits and evaluate where imbalances might be arising.

Putting nutritional theory into practice. You will deepen your knowledge about the crucial role nutrition plays in your health and wellbeing while learning how to integrate this knowledge through practical activities. This includes personalised food advice, a pantry clean out and a grocery shopping tour with accessible guidelines.

Exploring wider lifestyle factors that can positively (and negatively) impact your journey to prime health. We will consider your career, relationships, fitness and mental wellbeing, and discuss how you can cultivate an environment that best supports you in achieving your goals.

Busting food myths, overcoming limiting beliefs and changing self-sabotaging habits that have been preventing you from confidently taking your health to the next desired level.

Developing your intuition. Through using proven self-awareness and mindfulness tools, you will learn how to connect with your body and heart in order to understand and act upon what you really want and need.


This is a 6 month program. Across this period you will receive:

  • Fortnightly 90 minute sessions in person or via video call.
  • Unlimited email support between our coaching sessions.
  • Regular motivational messages to help you stay focused and inspired.

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