Are you reaching your full potential in work, life and health?

Stop waiting for the changes you desire and discover the tools for creating the life you really want to live.

In this workshop series you will learn how to create radical change in all aspects of your life including your self-image, relationships and finances.


You can transform your life in ways you didn't think were possible

This is the concept of 'miraculous living'.

Many of us grow up with the mindset that happiness and success are 'things' to be obtained. We strive for many years chasing the next professional goal, the smaller dress size, the perfect relationships and the bigger bank balance, thinking that at some point we'll inevitably reach a state of joy.

This can work out for some. But for others, including me, we hit a brick wall.

We start to realise that while our achievements bring us a level of general satisfaction, they don't inspire the deep fulfilment we thought we would experience. This can leave us feeling trapped, anxious and totally confused about what we want and how we can alter the path we are currently on.


Big change can come in tiny packages

The most powerful thing that helped me transition from feeling lost to getting back in the driver's seat, was understanding that significant improvement happens when we stop waiting for an external force or opportunity to change our life's direction, and start taking tiny steps towards our true desires.

We don't need to know the destination, just the next step. This takes a whole lot of trust and powerful mindset tools. 

One of the major resources that supported me on this journey was 'May Cause Miracles' by Gabrielle Bernstein. This New York Times bestseller is an inspiring guide that offers an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness and love to flow through us without fail. All of which, ultimately, will lead to breathtaking lives of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness.


In this 6 week workshop you will learn the tools that TRANSFORMED my life and happiness

I will unpack the life-changing principles outlined in Gabrielle's bestselling book and help you to implement them within your life in a practical, immediate way – drawing on my own expertise as a Health and Wellness Coach and a Level 2 graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Are you ready to:

  • Let go of what is holding you back from living the life you dream of?
  • Increase your self worth?

  • Shift your mindset and energy to fulfill your desires?

  • Create long lasting change in your life?

Join me for this transformative 6 week workshop to create the change that you've been craving. 


What you'll learn

Over this six-week workshop series you will learn and implement mindset tools that will transform your life, self-image, relationships and finances.

Week 1 : Becoming Miracle Minded

We will get started by identifying how fear has blocked your life’s flow. You will be guided to embrace the key principles: witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness, and miracles.

Week 2: A New Self-Perception

Learn about the importance of self-love. This week is about strengthening the relationship with yourself and releasing old patterns of self-attack.

Week 3: Body Image

You will load up on practical exercises that shift your patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to food and your body. You will be guided to identify the root cause of any food and body issues you may have, and you will see how ingesting kind thoughts greatly enhances how you perceive your body.

Week 4: Relationships

Let’s get honest about how fear has held you back from romantic bliss. You will be offered powerful tools that will lead you to experience immediate internal shifts around romance, whether you’re single or attached.

Week 5: Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth

Realize how fear has blocked your financial abundance. The exercises activate gratitude for your workplace, help you face your financial fears, and guide you to shift your limiting beliefs around money and work. This week is applicable to any type of work.

Week 6: Working Miracles

Embrace the practice of becoming a miracle worker in the world. As you will learn to shift your thoughts and energy onto being of service to others, your heart opens and your true purpose shines bright.

Free bonuses

  • Your own personal copy of May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein.
  • Delicious health-packed snacks at each workshop session.
  • Daily affirmations to jump start and strengthen your miracle mindset.
  • Weekly meditations that will help you stay aligned to what you desire to create in your life.
  • A 45-minute private coaching session with me to go deeper into your personal blocks and how you can best implement these life-changing tools to transform your life from where you are now, to where you want to be.
  • Membership to an exclusive Facebook group for continued peer support during and after the program.

Please note: Gabrielle Bernstein will not be present at these events.

Upcoming workshop series

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