Mindfulness Mentoring

Have you been observing the mindfulness scene, wondering where you fit in?

This mentoring series is designed with you in mind

Alongside other self-awareness and spiritual tools, we will explore what mindfulness means and how you can reap the benefits to access greater health, razor sharp clarity and deeper states of happiness.


This series is for people who are aware of the power of mindfulness but would benefit from guidance on how they can incorporate practices into their current lifestyle.


You want to:

Have honest & open conversations

You have felt the pull to explore spiritual practices and would like to discuss and unpack your thoughts with a non-judgemental peer that can understand and guide you.

Prioritise your spiritual wellness

You want to tap into the clarity, peace and happiness that you know is available through developing a mental or spiritual practice. You want to reduce stress, anxiety and connect to a sense of trust in a natural, empowering way.

welcome new regimes

You are ready for change but require guidance to help you discover what is right for you and keep you accountable to your wellness and spiritual goals.

Deepen your self-awareness

You would love to get more clarity and connect with your inner voice so you can uncover (or stay tuned-in with) what you really want so you can align your choices and lifestyle around this.


What we’ll work on:


MOving through blocks

We'll debunk and demystify any stereotypes or preconceptions around the topic of spirituality that may be preventing you from fully embracing and nurturing your curiosity in this area.


uncovering areas for growth

We'll discuss your lifestyle and current routines with a mind to exploring the areas in which you’d like to welcome more ease, simplicity and deeper connection.


goal setting

I'll guide you to set gentle but inspiring goals that will help you introduce and build upon a regular mindfulness practice.


Developing your intuition

You will learn how to connect with your body and heart in order to understand and act upon what you really want and need.


Ready to start your mindfulness journey?

This is an 8-week mentoring series

Across this period you will receive:

1 x weekly 50 minute session in person or via video call.
This will include a 30 minute guided meditation followed by a 20 minute discussion.

Unlimited email support between our 1:1 sessions.


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