My Wellness Philosophy

I believe that the relationship we have with our food directly influences the relationships we have within our life.

 How is this possible?

 To be ‘in relationship’ with something or someone is simply to be connected in some way. The manner in which we are in relationship is significant. It affects how we feel, how we make choices and the impact we have on ourselves, our life, other people and our environments.


The way we show up for the relationship we have with ourselves influences the way we relate to others. The same goes for everyone else. Meaning? Everything is connected.


I’m here to help you take back control of your health and wellbeing so you can attract what you really desire – for your life, career and relationships. 

Control in this context isn’t about rigorously calculating the pros and cons of every bite. Control is claiming freedom from the forces that are stopping you from feeling your very best self.

While the first focus with my clients is food and nutrition, it’s not the final destination. Through better understanding your relationship with what you eat, you’ll be able to unlock the clarity, vision and self-awareness required to prioritise your needs and deepest desires across your wider life, career and relationships.

Other guiding beliefs include…


Our body holds the answers

It's constantly sending us signals when our health is out of balance. My job is to help you decipher this language so you can intuitively give your body what it needs in every moment.


It's not just about food

Health is not just created in the kitchen and the gym. As well as addressing food and physical activity, I guide my clients to draw upon their career, relationships and mindset; elements that have a significant impact on our health & wellbeing.


The magic is in the journey

Fad diets and 'overnight' makeovers are never a success. I guide my clients to make positive choices that help them reach their goals while building a balanced and life-changing relationship with their body and their food.


health is available to us all

It's all about priorities, not about time. I support my clients to bust through the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and support them to create the space to focus on what they really care about.


The heart plays its part

Through established self-awareness and mindfulness tools, I help my clients use their body to develop their intuition and gain a deeper connection to what they want and need.


Everyone is unique

No one diet or health regime will ever work for everyone. Bio-individuality approaches health in a way that embraces our individual needs and lifestyle – a practice that I follow within my coaching services.