I believe that everything in life comes back to our health

This is what I call our 'first relationship'

The way we prioritise (or not prioritise) our own needs, and the manner in which we treat our bodies directly influences the way we are able to look after ourselves within our wider life, career and relationships.

I support my clients to ensure this connection is as strong as it can be, through guiding them to choose foods and habits that help them reach their goals.

These are the core foundations that my work and coaching approach is built upon:


Our body holds the answers

It's constantly sending us signals when our health is out of balance. My job is to help you decipher this language so you can intuitively give your body what it needs in every moment.


It's not just about food 

Health is not just created in the kitchen, or even at the gym. As well as addressing food and physical activity, I guide my clients to draw upon their career, relationships and mindset; elements that have a significant roles in our health & wellbeing.


The magic is in the journey

Fad diets and 'overnight' makeovers are never a success. I guide my clients to make positive choices that help them reach their goals while building a balanced and life-changing relationship with their body and their food.


health is available to us all

It's all about priorities, not about time. I support my clients to bust through the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and support them to create the space to focus on what they really care about. 


The heart plays its part

Through established self-awareness and mindfulness tools, I help my clients use their body to develop their intuition and gain a deeper connection to what they want and need.


Everyone is unique

No one diet or health regime will ever work for everyone. The concept of bio-individuality explains why our individual needs are different and that they evolve in accordance with our lifestyle – a practice that I fully embrace within my coaching services.


Ready to make your health & wellness a top priority?

I offer a range of coaching, mentoring and consultation packages that will get you quickly moving to towards the health and life you desire.