Rock It! – 3 Month Package

For those who need an immediate change to reach a transformational health goal.

This package is for people who are ready to take a dedicated look at their current food and health habits.

Clients of this series want to harness the power of nutrition in order to achieve noticeable changes in their physical body or performance level. 


Who is this package for?

The Rock It package is ideal for people who are seeing limitations in their current health regimes and are eager to push through the barriers that are preventing them from reaching the outcomes they’ve been dreaming of.

You feel ready and motivated to:

  • Make nutrition a top priority so you can see significant, measurable progress towards reaching your desired goals.
  • Develop a strong, healthy body that makes you look and feel like your best self.
  • Get moving, fast. You’re done with waiting for things to change and are excited to take a conscious and proactive approach to making your dreams come true.
  • Break through the habits or beliefs that are holding you back, and make positive choices to avoid these traps now and in the future.

What we'll work on

Throughout this package we will effectively implement my health philosophy. We will also pay special attention to the following areas:

Goal setting. We will develop a clear picture of your dream outcomes in regards to your health, fitness and wellbeing, and set inspiring but achievable goals to reach within this package.

Evaluating your health history and reviewing current patterns. We will take a close look at your food and lifestyle habits and explore the immediate changes you can make to positively impact your health and propel you towards reaching your goals.

Understanding nutrition in a practical way. You will deepen your knowledge about the crucial role nutrition plays in your health and wellbeing. You will also learn how to put theory into practice through receiving personalised food advice and grocery shopping guidelines.

Increasing self-awareness. Through the use of proven visualisation and mindfulness tools, I will help you nurture a strong connection to your personal motivations; one that will continue to inspire your health journey once you’ve reached your current goal. 


This is a 3 month package. Across this period you will receive the following on a weekly basis:

  • 90 minute session in person or via video call.
  • 20 minute Q&A call to help you move through any potential roadblocks quickly and effectively.
  • 10 minute check-in call to keep you motivated and inspired.

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