My health philosophy

I believe that everything in life comes back to our health. Our relationship with what we eat and how we treat our bodies creates the foundation upon which we are able to successfully build our dreams.

I support my clients to ensure this foundation is as strong as it can be, through guiding them to prioritise foods and habits that help them reach their goals. 

I Believe...

Our body holds the answers, and that it's constantly sending us signals when our health is out of balance. My job is to help you decipher this language so you can intuitively give your body what it needs in every moment.

Health is not just created in the kitchen, or even at the gym. In addition to addressing food and physical activity, I guide my clients to draw upon their career, relationships and mindset; elements that all have a significant role in our health and wellbeing.

The magic is in the journey. Fad diets and 'overnight' makeovers are never a success, despite the persuasive marketing. I guide my clients to make positive choices that help them reach their goals while building a balanced and life-changing relationship with their body and their food.

It's all about priorities, not about time. I support my clients to bust through the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and support them to create the space to focus on what they really care about.

Everyone is unique. No one diet or health regime will ever work for everyone. What might benefit us today might need to tweaking tomorrow. Bio-individuality is a health approach that changes and evolves in accordance with your lifestyle – a practice that I fully embrace within my coaching services.

The heart plays its part. Through established self-awareness and mindfulness tools, I help my clients use their body to develop their intuition and gain a deeper connection to what they want and need.

Ready to prioritise your health?

My coaching packages are a great way to start your journey to optimum health & wellbeing.

My story

Living in Switzerland, is like living in wellbeing la la land. With breath-taking landscapes and a health system that's very often praised, some have claimed its citizens to be some of the happiest and healthiest around.

And while I'm sure there is some truth in this, it's not the whole picture.

Like many Westerners, I also grew up in an environment where performance – whether academic or sporting – was valued and often prioritised. Competition was the spice of life, which saw me nurture a strong relationship with personal growth and improvement.

This outlook took me far. I’ve worked for 15 years in corporate communications, holding senior positions for which I worked and lived in London, Bangkok, Brussels, Vienna, and now Zurich.

My career was always my anchor – the thing that got me motivated, got me inspired to make an impact. The thing that made me feel like ‘me’.

But despite how fulfilled I really was, the high-intensity fast-paced lifestyle started to take its toll. I was trying to do too much. To be too much for myself and those around me. Quite suddenly I was diagnosed with gastro-intestinal diseases, several food intolerances and a decline in energy that knocked me off my feet.

I was drained. I was weak. I was utterly frustrated.

It soon became apparent that my physical health had to be prioritised, and if I wanted to be the best version of 'me' I couldn't wait around.

Yes, there were some challenges. Yes, I had to welcome some support.

But choosing health has honestly been the most enriching, powerful and game-changing approach to reaching my full potential – not just in my career, but in my wider life and relationships.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) – Health Coach (Current)

IIN is a world-renowned nutritional school based on the principle that prime health isn't just about what's on the plate, but how we balance and integrate the core elements that make up our everyday life. This includes career, physical activity, relationships and mental wellbeing.

Vitalakademie (Vienna) – Certified Nutrition Adviser

Specialists in sports, health and social education with a focus on blending new health and wellness trends with the wisdom of age-old traditions.

Institut Kutschera (Vienna) – Resonanz® Practitioner

The Kutschera-Resonanz® method was established in 1974 by Dr. Gundl Kutschera. Its focus is to achieve a greater quality of life through nurturing harmony between ourselves and our environment. This includes creating work-life balance and developing true, authentic expression through our actions and our choices.

Trainings & Seminars

Spirit Junkie Masterclass level 1 + 2 by Gabrielle Bernstein

Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course by Hannes Huber