Health coaching

Feeling frustrated that your health seems to always be stuck as a second (or third) priority?

With your career in full swing and a busy schedule that is often unpredictable, wellbeing choices can easily end up being somewhat unconscious. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your ‘grab and go’ mentality, redefine your relationship with food and supercharge your health and performance level, coaching will help you get there. 


Life Upgrade - 6 Month Program

For those who want to build a strong foundation & sustainable relationship with their health and wellbeing

While the reaching of specific health goals is a foundation in any of my coaching services, this series allows us to take a deeper look into the emotional and wider lifestyle factors that are impacting your health and happiness.


Rock It! – 3 Month Package

For those who need an immediate change to achieve a specific health or fitness goal.

This package is for people who are ready to take a high intensity, deeply focussed approach to achieving a desired outcome. While goals will be tailored to your personal vision, clients of this series often focus on achieving noticeable changes in their physicality or performance. 


Executive Health Coaching

For high performers in demanding careers who need an immediate health-based intervention that fits seamlessly into their schedule 

My executive clients are often CEOs, business leaders or high-level international workers who desperately need to prioritise their health but are struggling to find a place for this within their fast-paced lives.