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Feeling called to support deeper levels of health and wellness in your workplace or organisation?

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 I deliver workshops and speak about a number of topics designed to empower audiences to be and feel their best selves – in their work and in their personal lives.


As a Health and Empowerment Coach I am passionate about guiding others to tap into their innate ability to make choices that support them to reach their full potential in all areas of their life.


My talks and workshops are holistic at their core; exploring nutrition and diet as well as work-life balance, energy and productivity levels, career choices, fitness, self-care and personal fulfilment.


Because none of us are just one thing in isolation. Sustainable health and happiness can only be achieved when we approach all of our choices in a way that supports our truest needs, talents and capacities. This concept influences what we eat, how we structure our work days, how or when we exercise and what we do with our weekend.

Everything is connected. 

Where I speak:

I have been invited to speak in a number of settings such as:

  • Career, entrepreneur and business networks

  • Health and wellness organisations or events

  • Corporate workplaces

  • Gyms, fitness studios and sports teams


I am excited to accept speaking invitations from anyone who wishes to support their teams, peers or communities to achieve ambitious goals without sacrificing health, wellness, inspiration and/or integrity along the journey to success.



The below topics are the themes I am most asked to speak about, but this is not an exhaustive list. While I have talks and workshops ‘ready to go’ at short notice, I encourage and support you to ask for what you need so I can deliver an experience that is unique and totally relevant to your mission and community.


Food and empowerment:

Eat yourself happy

We often look to food and diet as a reliable way to improve our health, appearance, energy, fitness and self-confidence. While great nutrition can certainly help us to achieve these things, what if I told you that the food you eat could also be key to unlocking happiness, inspiration and soul-deep fulfillment in every aspect of your life?

In this talk I share core nutritional information that will help you to feel and look your best self, while also showing you how the relationship you have with food holds vital insight into how you currently show up for yourself in your career, relationships and general life. 

Food and exercise

Eat yourself fit

Feel like you’re not seeing the body transformation you desire, despite training often and hard? Regularly have low energy, or feel exhausted before or after the gym? Want to know how to get the best out of your physical body, while also nourishing it nutritionally?

In this talk, I will cut through the noise and misinformation around eating for fitness; showing you how to use food to boost your health and physique, in addition to offering you unexpected ways to transform your training… and your life! We will look at nutrition both as a foundation to achieving prime levels of health, fitness and energy, and as a gateway into exploring how your relationship with food could be influencing other areas of your life in surprising or subtle ways.

Intuitive eating:

Eat yourself to freedom 

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what foods you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ eat? Are you longing to feel like your best self, physically and energetically, but are overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting diet information out there? You’re not alone! In this talk I will simplify healthy eating and share universal truths and daily habits that will help you to achieve greater health, happiness and balance in a stress-free, intuitive way.

The first, foundational truth? Everyone is unique! Hence, approaching optimum health and wellness requires us to listen to our body. Through practical exercises and mindfulness techniques, I will show you how to interpret the messages that your body communicates; offering you a life-changing, adaptable approach to ensuring you get what you really want and need in any given moment – not just nutritionally, but physically, energetically and spiritually too.

6-Week Workshop Series:

May Cause Miracles

Are you reaching your full potential in your work, life, relationships, finance and health? Stop waiting for things to change and discover the tools for creating the life you really want to live. In this 6 week workshop series, I will unpack the life-changing principles outlined in Gabrielle Bernstein’s bestselling book May Cause Miracles and help you to implement them in a practical, relatable way. Drawing on mindset, love, body image and self-worth, you’ll be guided to manifest what you really want in your life, work, relationships and finances.

Note: This is a 6-part pre-designed workshop series. More information and a program outline can be found here


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